Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bring on the Bunny - Ideas for Easter treats

Mmmmm, Easter is at the end of the week and I can't wait for that chocolate overdose that I will so inevitably have!

I've been busy putting together a few little gifts for my family and thought I'd show you what I've done. Lets see if I can inspire some creativity in you!

My family are all adults now so we don't go overboard but a nice little gesture is what it's all about.

I've sewed a few simple little pouches together, popped some eggs into them and hey presto, an Easter treat that they can enjoy on the day plus a pouch that they can put in their bags for cosmetics or whatever afterwards.

These little things are tea bag purse packs and I'll give them to the diabetics or people who are on a health kick and sworn off chocolate!

So Easter gifts don't have to mean hundreds of dollars of expensive chocolate. Get a bit creative and make or put together a more thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Happy Easter from Tassie!

BTW, keep and eye out for my post on how to make Rocky Road. This is also a good gift for Easter, especially for the blokes in your family.


  1. I love the bags, Alex - I wish I had a sewing machine (sigh, one day!) - but I'm also eying off the chocolate!! I'm resigned to shitty Canadian Easters where you can find a few measly, poor quality chocolates in a corner of the supermarket. We get a few Cadbury creme eggs and they're probably the best you can find.

    I can remember how you used to not even eat the chocolate at Easter, but keep the bunnies in their boxes in your room, slowly nibbling! They must have gone off before you got halfway! ;) Do you still have that ability to savour slowly?

  2. Cadbury cream eggs are my favourite! You have such a good memory, it's hilarious. Yes I tend to hang onto my chocolate bunnies now days too but mainly because I don't actually like the taste of the chocolate. I'd much prefer the cream eggs or similar! Roge helps me out and eats the stuff I don't like!

    I am not a very good sewer Shan but I do like having a sewing machine to whip up simple little things like bags and purses (or bibs for Ewan, he's such a slobber guts!). One day when you're back in Tassie I'm sure you will inherit a sewing machine from one of your family! I'm sure they all have like five each!

    Only a year or so until you're back (correct me if I'm wrong) and I'm sure that time will fly :)

    1. I actually had a sewing machine, from my ex's mum, but when I moved to Japan I gave it to... um, one of my sisters, forget which one. I'm definitely getting one again! I'm so excited about coming home!!

      (and you think that memory's good - I've got one of some weird keyboard computer game thing you had, that used the old floppy discs, but after waiting two hours for a game to load (it never did), we gave up and forgot all about it. Do you remember that? What on earth was it anyway??)

    2. Ohhh that computer! Roge and I were only just talking about it the other day. I don't know what model computer it was but you're right, it took hours to load a game and by then, I had lost interest and gone onto the next thing! It wasn't a floppy disc tho, it was a cassette tape!!! Oh how things have changed with technology.