Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rocky Road Delight

I am an ok cook but I certainly don't claim to be so amazing that I can make up my own recipes. Most of the recipes I have found online, this next one included.

Rocky Road is Roge's favourite so I've decided to make it for him for Easter although he's not getting the lot, I'll divide it up amongst the blokes in the family.

Recipe as follows:

2 packets of Pascal white and pink marshmallows
2 packets of Nestle chocolate Melts, one Milk and one Dark chocolate
1 cup Rice Bubbles
1/4 cup of crushed nuts
3 Turkish Delight bars OR a packet of red glace cherries
125g Copha

1 - Line a lamington try with aluminium foil, including the sides
2 - In the tray, spread your marshmallows, rice bubbles, chopped turkish delights, crushed nuts (see above pic).
3 - In a double saucepan melt the Copha and chocolate together (if you're not sure what a double saucepan is, google it. I had to!)
4 - Once the chocolate is all melted, pour it all over the marshmallows and gently mix it through, making sure the chocolate reaches all the bottom and corners of the tray (but be gentle, you don't want to break the foil).
5 - Refrigerate for a couple hours before chopping it up and putting it into pretty bags.

If you want to see the online recipe you can find it at:

I think this best part (not including eating it) is how you present your gift. I have found cellophane bags at Spotlight, have cut up the rocky road into small lumps and have finished it off with a cute little tag.

Now, where are the scraps......

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