Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A New Staircase Fit For a Queen

Over Easter, instead of camping or chilling out, Roge and I went nuts "getting things done". One of those things was to finish painting our hallway screen which was still raw timber, as well as finishing the painting on the walls which hadn't been cut in and still only had one coat of white paint over the old pink (which was "pre Alex and Roge".)

Additionally, when we renovated our downstairs area last year, we chose to instal brand new stairs as the existing were very steep and uneven. When we were doing this, I decided to put some storage to one side of the stairs to hold part of Roge's vinyl record collection which was in dozens of crates and getting in the way.

Of course, there was still more vinyl than space on the shelf! Overflow now lives in a old sideboard (no more crates, yippee).

Such an improvement from the narrow and dark (and pink) old stairwell we had before. Giving up our Easter was well worth it. My feng shui levels are peaking!

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