Friday, 14 August 2015

The Perfect Amount Of Retro

Living in a 60's house hasn't helped my penchant for mid century designed furniture however being conscious of not wanting to live like I'm in the 60's means that I try to pick just the right amount of retro to inhabit my interior.

We are currently renovating our downstairs area which includes a rumpus room. The space is fairly boring and doesn't have any special retro features that we are retaining (remember the wallpaper, it was as retro as it comes but not in a good way!) Anyhow, given that the space is going to feel a little modern once it's completed I've been thinking about how to reintroduce a subtle amount of retro back in and given that we plan on having it as a second lounge/family room/entertainment space I thought that I'd embrace my husband's vinyl addiction and purchase an old radiogram complete with vintage cabinet. 

One look on my favourite second hand site, Gumtree didn't give me any local results so I placed a "wanted" add and low and behold, within half an hour I had a response.

Clearly it was meant to be because it was almost exactly what I'd envisioned. Better still, it is in mint condition and works like a dream.

I'm totally in love with the vintage sound that ejects from the old speakers. Quite different to the sophisticated, modern speakers of today. A little bit "tinny" and the odd crackle but it reminds me of the days when my Dad would play his old vinyl records when I was a child.

PS. It cost me $50! Bargain.

PPS. For those who are interested in my ongoing renovation nightmares. I CAN have the back of the house rendered BUT it will take a fair bit of work to get the brick wall in a condition to have it rendered soooooo it ain't going to be a cheap exercise BUT it will be cheaper than the alternatives. So thats good news in a way.

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