Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday Cleaning

Chaos. That's what my house has amounted to. With the renovations going on continuously, I've thrown my hands up when it's come to the housework (because I clean and then someone starts up a concrete cutter five minutes later and all my hard work has gone up in a cloud of dust!) Today however, I've realised it's got to that point of crazy.

Soooo, not what I'm feeling like doing on a Sunday arvo, but I'm cleaning. When I do a major clean (as opposed to small spot cleaning which I usually do through the week), I do it methodically. I put the kids in front of a DVD and start in one room. When I'm done I close the door behind me and move onto the next. Lastly I vacuum and mop the floors and yay, we're back into the 'under control' again.

Always one to easily get distracted, I find a big clean like this often means I start re-dressing certain areas of my house. Yesterday I re potted all my indoor plants so today I've repositioned them everywhere. They're actually getting a bit out of control, it looks a bit like a garden nursery in here!

I don't know about you but having a clean (ish) house is something that centres me. Maybe it's a 'Mum thing' (?) but I find that if I have the house reasonably under control, it makes all the unpredictable things (like my children's moods) easier to deal with. So with that in mind and given that Spring is only a week away, I've decided to start a bit of Spring cleaning.

Here's my 'roster'. So instead of wasting spending  my weekend doing all these little jobs at once, I'm going to spread them out and do one a day. That way, it will get done but not at the expense of my precious down time.

Monday: Wipe out the fridge and microwave

Tuesday: Wipe the shelves in the pantry and throw expired crap out at the same time

Wednesday: Re organise my clothes drawers and take a pile to the op shop

Thursday: Wipe over the skirting boards, window ledges, pictures on the walls and the tops of the architraves

Friday: Re fold and tidy the linen cupboard

Saturday: Tidy kids toys and books

Sunday: Wipe the insides of the kitchen drawers/cupboards, the bathroom vanity and the entertainment cupboard (under the TV)

I'm sure there is plenty more to Spring clean but that will be enough for now. It will certainly cover the things that I have noticed need immediate attention at my house. I've shared my Spring clean to-do list. Why don't you follow my lead and do one too. Let me know how you go!

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  1. Yeah, that can get pretty intense, with the usual dirt and grime, plus the constant shifting of the house's landscape because of the renovations. It’s a good thing that you are still able to sift through all that mess and chaos, and stay focused on the cleaning. Sometimes, you really just have to get into the trenches and deal with things. Otherwise, it’ll just pile up later on.

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply