Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pretty New Things

I'm a lot more particular about what I buy now days, most things are carefully considered before being purchased. Mainly because we don't have money growing on a backyard tree but also because I don't want unnecessary clutter in my house.

My mother in law gave me a lot of her old macrame hangers which over time, I've found new homes for all over my house. This is my latest one which is now hanging in the hallway of our retro house. I love these plants but I've forgotten what they're called. It's fairly common tho and it will cascade nicely from the pot the more it grows. It cost $10 from Kmart.

Next I've purchased some gorgeous mustard coloured pillow covers from Kip n Co ($59 for the pair). I rarely buy new quilts, unlike the me of the past who had a clear penchant for every colour and texture of a new released line of linen. Instead, I've discovered the value of purchasing a more expensive but good quality linen set which will last longer.

This winter, I've gone even more thrifty by only buying a set of new season pillowcases to go with my existing quilts and have found that this alone is all that is needed to update my existing bed sets (which are still going strong) and it costs a fraction of the price. 

So that's my show and tell for the day. As nice as it would be to be able to make purchases with little bother for the cost, I think it's probably more satisfying to make purchases that are considered and restrained. Plus, it's good for my hip pocket and my dislike for clutter.

I hope you're all well. Life here is busy but more about that another day...

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