Friday, 24 April 2015

And It Begins

Ahh my house is a bomb site and it's really messing with my need for clean and order. That said, I'm excited about why the house is a bomb site and that is because I've got works going on to start the downstairs renovation. New deck, workshop for Roge, new plumbing, new internal stairs, new rumpus fit out and new laundry fit out!

A new opening for the stairs. I'll miss that wallpaper...not!
There's not much to show to date, just a few pictures of pre reno and where it's at now (a big mess) but I've always said that it has to get worse before it gets better when it comes to renovating.

Lots of dirt, rocks and concrete to get out before a large deck can be put on.
Hopefully by early next week, all the messy demolition stuff will be complete and the clean up and build can commence. It's all a bit exciting! Wish us luck.

Another layer of dust to wipe up...awesome!


  1. Fun fun! We too are in the "worse before it gets better" stage, and also have a thin patina of dust all over everything. The joys of renos! The wall paper we uncovered in our bathroom rivals yours - a beautiful orange and brown floral design! Good luck, fellow renovator :)

    1. Ahh I can imagine your wallpaper perfectly! Seriously, what were they thinking in the 60's/70's!??? Give me a crisp white wall anyday, it's so much more serene.
      I can't wait until early next week cos all the messy stuff should be done. I can reclaim my house and give it a clean! Until then, I'll wade through the dust, lol.
      How is your reno going? It's hard with kids isn't it but at least you've got another bathroom to use in the meantime.
      Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend. I'm having another attempt at making seed crackers, wish me luck!

  2. I know - it's beyond me how anyone could have every thought they were making an attractive choice!
    We had the floors polished today and it's amazing what a difference that has made already (although it is super stinky in here.. ugh). Plumbing is mostly done and now onto the tiling and painting. How's yours coming along? And how did the crackers turn out?!

    Sarah :)

    1. Good morning (and sorry for the mega late reply-where do the days go?!)
      I've done one lot of crackers and they went much better. More room to refine tho, it's just a case of finding a moment to experiment.
      The reno is going extremely slowly. It's doing my head in. Every few days I have a house covered in dust and there is nothing but mud outside. That said, it's getting there. We're still miles away from the stage you're at. We've stripped the whole of downstairs, we've knocked out an old concrete stair and today Roge is pouring a new one. The deck is hopefully getting some timber framing and the exterior plumbing is complete. Not long now and we can start actually getting walls up, order new windows etc. lots to go but it will get there eventually!
      How are you going? You must be close to completing your bathroom?
      PS, how cold is it! I'm barely going outside at the moment, it's too freezing for my old bones!