Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Finally I'm Starting To Decorate The Kids Zone

I must admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for a renovation TV show but I do think that asking the contestants to construct and decorate several rooms (and sometimes a whole house) in a week is ridiculous. If that were me, I'd be stuffed because even now, several months after we've moved into our new retro home, I'm only just starting to decorate.

Over Easter I started to do up the boys room. I didn't buy anything new, it's all the same stuff from the old house but re-arranged in a way that suited the new room.

The boys share the master room which originally when we moved in, was going to be our (Roge and my) room. When I last showed you a pic of this room it looked like this (yes, very empty!):

Because it is such a large room, I decided to use the bookshelves to break the room up a bit by having one sticking out and I guess acting like a wall in itself. I also bought a few hundred vinyl dots and arranged them over the walls to break up the white and make it a bit more "kiddie". 

The kids do have a LOT of stuff but I've managed to tone it down and organise it into different plastic tubs which fit into the bookshelves. That way, there's not toys strewn from one end of the house to another and we always know where things are. For example there is a cars tub full of all the cars, there's a puzzle one etc.

The "Ewan zone"! I love his Orla Kiely bedspread which I've teamed with a mis mash of other linen from Kip and Co and Sheridan. The little fox screen printed cushion is from Etsy.

 It took me one of my very rare "kid free" days to put this together (not an hour like the TV contestants seem to do!) and it was worth it. The kids spend a lot of time in there now they have their own set up which means less toys find their way into the lounge room. I like that!


  1. Love this, Alex!! Such a better use of the space too. That's exactly the kind of bookcase I wanted to get for Hugh's room, but we couldn't find it (and probably wouldn't have been able to afford it if we did!) so we just got a cheap little 3-shelf one from (ugh) Fantastic Furniture that holds all his books. So all his toys are in tubs all over the place (the tubs AND the toys!). Honestly if I had the money to invest in proper storage or whatever, I'd enlist your help at organising it all! His room isn't small yet there doesn't seem to be space for anything.

    p.s. I love that fox cushion! The dots must have taken you AGES to do! I would have given up before I'd started!

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