Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What's New At My House - Hatching Chickens

Yay, after 21 sleeps my new chickens are finally here! I have one hen (Brittany) who like clockwork goes broody twice a year over the warmer months and in the last two years I've used her to hatch fertilised chook eggs into chickens.

It's been a learning curve and I'm not always terribly successful. I was only able to put six eggs under her this time and four hatched. Still, four is better than none and if I'm lucky, at least two might be hens. I'm needing more hens, I have a bit of a motley crew of "divas" at the moment and eggs are a bit few and far between.

Every few hours I rush down to the pen and do a quick head count. My heart is in my throat as I count "one, two, three and four." So far so good, they're all looking robust and they are such cute little balls of yellow fluff.

Welcome to the world little "one, two, three and four"!


  1. So cute! Congratulations. Can't wait for you to give them diva names. :)

  2. Hello!

    I stumbled across your blog when I searched for "Launceston Niche Markets" this past weekend... and it came up with an old post you wrote on the subject. Anyway - I've just moved to Launceston from Brisbane (from Vancouver , Canada originally) and it has been nice to browse your entries for ideas of what to see and do in Tas. I have three boys (5y, 3y, 10mo) so I can relate on that front as well :)
    Just thought I'd say "hi" and that I've enjoyed reading!


    1. Hi Sarah,

      Welcome to Tassie! I hope you're enjoying all it has to offer and I hope you're prepared to a cold winter. Haha!

      I always feel really embarrassed when I get a message from a lovely reader such as yourself. This blog is sooooo very unprofessional and I always assume that it's only my friends and family (those who are obliged) to read it!

      I apologise, there hasn't been many new posts about what to do is Tassie lately and I know you'll understand why. With two little children, I find it a bit hard to get a night out at a restaurant or even a leisurely drive to anywhere of significance. Anyhoo, I'm sure you'll find your way around but feel free to ask me for recommendations if you need.

      Thanks again for contacting and we might bump into you at a playground some day soon!


    2. Hi Alex,

      Unprofessional?! Hardly :) It's been a pleasure to look back through your renovations and everything else. We have recently done a major DIY reno on our house (with more in progress) and it's fun to see what others have done.

      Don't worry - no time for dinners out here at my house either! I totally get it. I've also been enjoying your gardening tips and chook-rearing tips too (with the seasons/climate here being so different to Vancouver and Brisbane, I need all the tips I can get!). And yes.... cold winter is coming, isn't it? We are hoping to install a wood burner soon to combat the cold as it's starting to feel more than a little chilly ... especially today - brrr!

      Yes - I hope we do bump into you one of these days! :)

      Take care.

    3. Happy Easter Sarah!

      I can't lie to you - winter is fierce here however in saying that, you are from Canada so you should be able to handle it! It will be a bit of a shock coming from a QLD winter to a Tassie one though. Buy a good jacket and get onto buying that wood heater! I've just installed one of those too and I'm currently sitting next to it warming my behind (and nursing my chocolate hang-over!)

      Anyhoo, time to pack the kiddies into bed. Keep well.