Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Spoon Full Of Easter Treats

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend, hopefully filled with happy family times. We were very quiet this year, no going away and lots of fun with the family.

I'm showing you a few quick pics of some of the Easter gifts I gave on Sunday. I bought cheap wooden spoons, painted the ends with left over house paint, tied them together with tea towels and chocolates.

Inexpensive and a little nicer than a boxed Humpty Dumpty. I love how they turned out and the concept isn't exclusive to being an Easter gift. The spoon and tea towel can be a small gift on it's own or you could add a recipe book or a box of chocolates.

Today I'm hoping to get in the garden and work off my chocolate hang-over. It's safe to say, I consumed half my body weight worth! Hey, it is Easter which in my book is a licence to go nuts!


  1. What a sweet idea! I'll keep this up my sleeve for next Easter :)

    Regarding your comment on Canadian winters.... very true they are much harsher than what I expect to experience here. BUT - in Canada, our houses are fully insulated with double pane windows, central heating, etc. My house here is more like a rigid tent! We are busily putting in under-floor insulation, trying to seal up cracks and of course, searching for a wood heater. Did you buy yours used or new?

    Hope you've worked off that chocolate hang over. I just helped myself to a few choc eggs from the pantry!

    ps: how are the wee chicks doing?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Our heater was new but Gumtree has lots of second hand wood fires for sale. I wanted new so I could get one to fit the old fireplace hole. If I only needed a freestanding one I would have gone second hand. I do know what you mean about the quality of housing over here in Aus. It's silly isn't it that we've built our houses so badly. With our latest house, which is hopefully going to be a long term home for us, we've invested in some quality insulation, new double glazed windows and focused on buying a house that is facing the right direction etc. It make a lot of difference. Our last three houses (yes there have been a few!) were so badly constructed that we knew exactly what we wanted this time.

    The chickens are going great. They are currently "helping me" dig up the last of my potatoes in the garden. I've had to be careful not to chop off a head as they dart into the hole I dig so quickly. Super cute though!

    Anyhoo, I'm glad you liked my little easter treat gifts, hey were a lot of fun to put together.

    I'm currently getting scremed at by the youngest (10 months) so I better go. Have a fun weekend and we'll touch base soon.