Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Necklace Fun

It's always a busy time of year for me because I'm busy preserving and storing summer fruit and veg. This week my time has been consumed with PLUMS. Red, purple and green ones. Bottled, stewed and dried, I've done it all. 

Somehow I've also found time to do a few crafty gifts. The inspiration came from Roge who bought me a necklace for X'mas made out of neon pink polymer oven baked clay beads (which everyone seems to be sporting now days, you've probably seen them or have some yourself). After taking a look at it I thought to myself, that's something I can make myself and use as gifts for my girlfriends.

After a trip to Spotlight I found what I was after. Sculpey oven baked clay in a serious array of colours and some leather chord.

Roll them to whatever shape and size you want, use a skewer to make a hole through the middle and bake in a 130 degree celsius oven for 15 minutes and hey presto, beads. Thread onto the leather and the necklace is made.

Did I mention cheap. At approx $4 a slab of clay and the leather chord only a few dollars, each necklace cost not much more than $5. Certainly a whole lot cheaper than the $40 Roge spent on the one he bought me for X'mas!

My little supermodel showing off one of my creations. Next I'm going to make some colourful ones for my sisters and I've spotted some neon string at the local hardware store which is begging to be used.

Speaking of my sisters, keep an eye out for an upcoming post about my sister's house and the cheap reno that we started on it last year. I've finally got around to taking more pictures and so I can now show you the kitchen and bathroom (along with budget break down). If you can't remember the original post, you can have a look at it here.

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