Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bathroom Makeover on the Cheap (but doesn't look cheap!)

This time last year, my sister bought her first house. It was dated but with good bones. With a limited budget, we have given it a good transformation and mainly just with paint.

Pre reno. Love those slime green tiles, especially coupled with the feature poodle tiles!

Post reno. Still the same lay out but now it has a new vanity and towel rails. The tiles have been painted with a special tile paint in a light grey. The walls painted a crisp white. New dark grey laminate has been laid on the floor.

Overall a good result for very little spent. The vanity was new but bought off Gumtree for $150, stone bench-top a off-cut from the local stonemason for $100. Vanity from Bunnings warehouse for $180, the tap was the one they had previously in the kitchen. Flooring for approx $500 (including the toilet next door), paint $120 and towel rails approx $150.

Next week I'll show you pictures of the renovated kitchen. Again, it's amazing what results you can get with not much money spent.

Happy weekend!


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