Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Where Have I Been the Last 8 Months?

Howdy all!

Well, it would seem that I'm back in the blogging world. The last 8 months have been BUSY and in summary have gone a little like this:

1 - Bought a new house only days before having our second baby
2 - Kai Edward arrives in the world on 04.06.13

3 - Crazy "newborn baby period starts" - I'm lucky to get a shower two consecutive days in a row!
4 - Doing a bit of work to finish our old house so we can sell it
5 - Said "old house" goes on the market and sells (woohoo)
6 - Freak out that we've sold the old house because the new house needs renovating
7 - Start renovating new house - this one's a BIG reno, much more $$ than I've ever spent
8 - Spend a month in Adelaide
9 - Move house
10 - Christmas 2013 arrives!

It seems so simple when you put it in dot points like that but I can assure you, life was hectic, a bit stressful and I'm incredibly glad that life has settled down a fair bit.

Now for the fun stuff! Let me introduce you to MY NEW HOUSE! (the photos are the sale pics)

It is a white brick veneer, mid century style house that was built in 1969. The suburb itself is one of the best in Launceston, it's in a quiet cul de sac and it has great schools for when the boys get a bit bigger. The shape is what first attracted me to the house, a great roofline and I love the white brick. I liked that it was retro but still had the potential to look far more modern with the right updates. We purchased it from an old German couple who had lived there pretty much since it was built and without any major updates to date, it was looking a bit dowdy. That however was exactly what we wanted. We needed a house that we could strip right back and put our own style into.

It has a view right down the Tamar river which was also one of the more alluring factors but mainly, it is North Easterly facing which means all day sun for most of the house which also equals reduced heating costs. That is something we have been missing at our old house which was quite dark and a bit cold (and were always running a heater so we'd get huge electricity bills).

When we first went to look at the property, we dismissed it immediately as somewhere we could live because we felt that each room was too small. This is the lounge room.

It was only when I went home and looked at the floor plan, that I realised the room dimensions were actually much bigger than what we were living in already.

A very "cosy" little kitchen straight from the 1960's!

Again the dining room seemed very pokey and behind those curtains there is a gorgeous view down the valley to the river...why would anyone cover that up?

The kitchen and dining room is actually one space and the lounge room is through a door way off the dining room.

The master bedroom is a whopping 6.3m by 4.2m! Incredible when all the other rooms are so modest.

Bathroom is very bright and is separate from the toilet which is right next door. Again a bit pokey.

Now, the house is advertised as two bedrooms with a rumpus downstairs (and therefore the price is set a little lower than what you would expect if the house were 3 bedrooms). We instantly saw that there is huge potential to convert the rumpus into a third bedroom and convert the very large laundry next door into a second bathroom come laundry.

Lastly there is a very decent back yard which has established fruit trees and other wonderful produce baring plants. That is a huge tick for me as I've always wanted a significant working garden. 

A bit of a boring return blog but it's the back story to what I'm going to show you next; the post reno pics. Whilst not finished, it's well on it's way and there's been quite a transformation.

Yay, I'm excited to be back in the blogging saddle, I've missed it. X

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  1. Welcome back! Have missed you. Can't wait to see this story unfold. Let the wild rumpus start. S x