Thursday, 16 May 2013

Going Potty...Again.

I must admit I do enjoy the "nesting" phase of pregnancy, as it's a chance for me to get everything in order before bub comes. I went nuts last time labelling and sorting, this time hasn't been much different.

One of today's little tasks has been to pot up some indoor plant babies which as you can see, are the little spider thingies that have grown on the bottom of the stems of this spider plant.

Whilst I was at it I decided to pot up a few succulents out of this already very full outdoor pot. This outdoor pot is actually entirely full of cuttings and didn't cost me a cent. The yucca was a baby plant that grew on the side of another mature plant I had and the succulents were four measly little plants I'd taken out of my Grandma's garden which spread into a million of the little buggers. It's looks good though doesn't it.

My sister's cactus also needed a bit of TLC.

First, I gathered as many empty pots I could find which were living at the back of the garden shed. I also used the left over seed raising mix that I used when I seeded my own tomatoes. If I had have had regular potting mix I could have used that instead but this was all I had. I figured it was best to use what I had and save myself the cost of a new bag of potting mix.

The dirt went in, then the plant "babies" and voila, new pots of plants and they didn't cost a thing. 

The succulent has gone to my front door and the indoor plants have a new home in the laundry. When they mature a bit more (and I can be sure they aren't going to die straight away), I'll find new homes for them.

It's only a little job but it was satisfying that I've been able to cross another little job off my list.

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