Thursday, 15 November 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is, My Laundry - Part 1

When you first enter into my laundry you see this:

 However this is the only pleasant angle because, if you look left:

And then if you look right:

There is a lot going on I know but this is about the only place in my house that I have a good amount of storage and I do keep a whole lotta stuff in here.

It has come a long way though:

A hole that looks straight out onto my back deck!
Not lined with plaster or remotely appealing!
Plastered but still very basic, this is how we left it for the tenants until we moved in in 2010.
The room was a small lean-to on the back of our house and was the original rear entrance prior to the new french doors being installed. It had a big hole in the wall where the old door to outside used to be and wasn't lined with anything (except cobwebs and dust) so we closed the hole off and plastered the interior. Since then we have installed a lot of Bunnings flat packed storage and I've used an old bookshelf to house all my jars, bottles, sewing machine and generally anything else I can fit on it!

The main expense has been all the flat packed storage but still, that isn't break the bank stuff because it is "instal yourself", thus saving the cost of paying for labor. The Caesar-stone bench top was a scrap left over from the kitchen and the sink a cheapie from Bunnings. The shutter blind was a Hobart "tip shop" purchase for $8. It was still brand new in the packet, bargain!

The laundry cupboards are yet to get their doors and I think that once they are on, it will look a whole lot "calmer" in there. Presently it's just busy with stuff, stuff and more stuff but everyone has one of those rooms don't they? The one that the visitors don't see because it's such a disgrace!

After collating this montage of pics of my laundry and since starting my spring clean frenzy it's motivated me to try to get it finished and looking a lot more streamlined. Stay tuned for My Laundry - Part 2 and I'll show you the finished result.

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