Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ewan's Room at the Beach Shack

We've not long come home from the beach shack and as usual, it was wonderful. I feel rested and relaxed as well as satisfied with my latest project.

It's not my favourite room at the beach shack but I'm finally happy with Ewan's room after re arranging it several times over the last few months. There's still a lot of space to fill but for now, I'm happy with where it's at.

Not wanting to have a typical beach themed bedroom for Ewan at the shack, I decided to simply use beachy colours but no real seaside theme as such.

I also tried to keep it simple and not too expensive so the bed was a second hand Ikea purchase off Gumtree. The chair was from the Hobart tip shop, the mosquito net from Ikea and the rice paper lanterns were cheapies off e-bay (direct from China and Hong Kong!)

"Pingu" the penguin sits pride of place on his chair! I also love the antique hoola hoop which is something my Mum found at a local market. The bookshelf was another hand me down from someone and has been painted white.

The funny old wardrobe was left in the shack when we purchased it and it's sooo quaint that I had to keep it. It reminds me of an old 60's fridge. Ewan loves to get in it, close the door and pop out when someone walks into the room!

So, it's simple in style, just like the rest of the house.  Lets face it, it's a child's room and they have to be able to happily play in it, it can't be so far styled that they aren't allowed to mess it up! Still, I think it's a really lovely area and I know Ewan likes it, especially the rice paper lanterns which he points at and says "ball"!

Best of all, it's not cost much. A few dollars each rice paper lantern, $20 for the blue spot mat on the floor from Fantastic furniture, $80 for the cot, $25 for the mosquito net and $22 for the chair. Everything else was free or toys/books that he has been given over the last 15 months. The room itself has only had a lick of white paint and a bit of sea grass matting put down. Easy peasy!

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