Monday, 22 October 2012

Beach Shack Updates

It has occurred to me that in a lot of my previous blogs, I start a project but don't show you the final result so with that in mind, I decided to take some pics of things at the beach shack which have now settled in their final "home".

This is my 70's inspired table cloth which I made at my "craft day" with my pal Kate. For a refresher, go here. It looks awesome on the table and goes really well with the colour pallet and style of the beach shack.

This was one of the first rooms completed at the beach shack and has cemented itself as "my room" at the shack (it's my favourite). However, last time, there was a big old hole in the wall still....well it's not there any more (good ol' hubby fixed that one up, thanks Roge!). Look here to see what I mean.

Oh and here is my starburst clock in prime position on the wall going up the stairs It's such a lovely clock and still keeps awesome time which is amazing considering that it still has it's original motor. I've also added another house plant in another retro plant holder (see right of the photo). I can't wait for all the house plants to mature. All have been going really well except for the maiden hair fern but do they ever go very well? I'm yet to own one that lasts more than a few months!

So there you have it, a bit of an update on some things. Overall, not as much gets done at the shack any more because we're so lazy and enjoy putting our feet up when we get there. That said, we're about to embark on painting the exterior and putting on a handrail around the deck. That will keep us busy for more than a few weekends.

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