Wednesday, 3 October 2012

AFL Grand Final Day - "Alex Style"

I haven't been as motivated to do lots of decorating and crafting lately but when my good friend Kate invited me around to her place for a "craft day", I didn't hesitate.

Our craft days are a lot of fun but I will admit now that it's mostly just an excuse to catch up and drink tea with a little bit of craft on the side!

However, I did get one small job done which I had been meaning to do for ages. I made a floral, 70's inspired table cloth for the beach shack kitchen table. True, it isn't as crazy coloured as a real 70's table cloth, but it is an interpretation of that era "Alex style".

Ewan as you can see was a lot of help, he held the tape measure for me!

Kate has my dream sewing room and a view to boot. Ahhh, the bliss, I'd sew for days if I had this at my house.

Chalkboard paint stripe over what is a pretty ordinary wardrobe = brilliant and I intend on copying this idea myself!
It was a fun afternoon and got me off my butt and back in the creative saddle. I have been thinking about my next project and awaiting a free moment soon to carry it out....keep you posted.

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