Thursday, 6 September 2012

Old Water Tank, New Garden Beds

Following our garden feng shui bon fire the other day, Roge and I decided to cut up an old rusted water tank at the beach shack and make it into raised garden beds.

It was sitting out here behind the bungalow and wasn't holding any water any more because of all the holes that had rusted through it. In the pic you can see the base of it. The tank next to it is getting a bit the same way so we're thinking about what we can do with that next.

With the angle grinder, Roge was able to cut the tank into three for me and I filled them up with a combination of mixed soil (you can get mixed soil from your local landscaper for about $50 a square metre), straw and mushroom compost.

I plan on making one a herb garden and the other two I'm still a bit undecided about. I don't think I'll put veggies in them, I'm thinking that I will make them into flower garden beds.

So instead of the old tank ending up in landfill, we've given it a second life in the form of garden beds. Best thing is that buying a similar garden bed from Bunnings costs approx $150 a pop so we have essentially saved ourselves $450!

We're going to the beach shack again this weekend so this afternoon I'm going to raid my garden for some herb cuttings and then I'm going to go to the local garden centre and pick out some new plants for the other two garden beds. I'll let you know how it goes....

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