Friday, 14 September 2012

A Completed Beach Shack Kitchen

For ages now I've been champing at the bit to show you what we've done to renovate the kitchen at the beach shack but it was never quite finished...until now.

As mentioned in my last post, Roge and I have been putting together trestle legs and sprucing up and old door to use as a table in the narrow kitchen. It's not to everyone's taste but I have to admit, I love it.

The kitchen was by far the most awkward room in the beach shack when we purchased it. The kitchen itself was narrow and lacked storage, the old wood heater dominated the space and didn't heat the house satisfactorily and lets face it, it was just dated and gross!

Pre reno
Pre reno, looking down on kitchen from mezzanine
Mmmm, stylin'
Please ignore the bed that is smack bang in the middle of the room!
As you can see, it wasn't much. Now tho, it's quite a functional and a good looking room (if I do say so myself!) The big features like the kitchen and flooring were budget options from Bunnings. The decorations like the hanging plants were op shop finds.

The bench seat was something we whipped up as featured here in a previous blog, DIY bench seat. The cardboard seat was a $25 that I made a few years ago by a designer called Paper Tiger. The table is an old reclaimed door which Roge stripped back and painted with a coat of linseed oil.

Not the best quality photos as I took them on my phone but you get the idea. Whilst the room looks a whole lot nicer than before and you're probably thinking it cost a fortune. I can tell you now it cost in total $2758. The bulk of that of course was the kitchen, coming in at $1855, the flooring at $454 and the remaining costs were for the bench seat, heater, paint, plants etc at $449.

I will also point out that yes, there is still a laundry trough in the corner which isn't the most glamorous design feature but we left it there for a functional reason - it's good to bath Ewan in!

So there you have it, one completed beach shack kitchen. Simple, functional, perfect for lazy Sunday breakfasts of pancakes and a cuppa before a stroll on the beach. Ahhh the bliss.


  1. I got completely distracted by the before shots - is that a GREEN ACORDIAN DOOR in pre-reno shot #2??!! So scary.

    It looks awesome Alex, fantastic job! Oh seeing the oven/stove thing (there's a name for those 2-in-1 appliances isn't there?) reminds me of how narrow they are - one thing I like about Canada is that they're much wider here (probably to fit the turkeys in!). They call the narrower ones "apartment-sized"!!

  2. Hahaha, yes it is a green acordian door. In fact there used to be 2 of them but one has found it's way to the tip, the other is not going to be far behind! Love the 70's!

    Yes, most of us have "apartment sized" 60cm wide ovens but at my Launceston "townhouse" we have a 90cm one which I agree, is much easier for cooking multiple things. In recent years the bigger ovens have started to become more of the in thing to buy but 9 out of 10 houses will still have the smaller ones.

    Hey lets face it, Aussies don't need big ovens because we have big BBQ's instead!!!

  3. I live inland, but I've always wanted a beach shack. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. No worries, always happy to pass on ideas!

      One day you might get a beach shack and if that's not an option because you're inland, maybe a lake shack?

      I hope it happens for you one day :)