Friday, 6 July 2012

Ideas Compiled, Now To Go Shopping...

So true to my word, I'm back to my usual self today after a serious bout of "man flue" (I'm sure women can get it too?)

I had a really exciting day yesterday which came down to three little things happening: a successful trip to the op shop, good ol' Mitre 10 also came through with some serious goods AND I received a special package in the mail.

Firstly, the op shop. I had some ideas from a recent home magazine of some decorating stuff I wanted to do in the living room at the beach shack. The beauty of the op shop is that your ideas tend to morph a bit depending on what you find and often it makes your original ideas even better.

I knew I wanted some house plants and these hanging baskets found for $2 each were just what I wanted to put them in. Cool hey? I think they will look awesome when I hang them at the shack. 
I beach style tissue box and some apple shaped coasters. I actually don't plan on using them as coasters, I'd like to use them as wall hangings and use the cork as a bit of a mini pin board.
I found this lemon shaped basket for 50c! I have no idea what to do with it yet but it was too cute to leave behind.

So secondly, I went to Mitre 10 to see if they had any plants I could put in my new hanging baskets. I hit the jackpot as they had a good range (at a great price) as well as great service from an Irish horticulturalist who talked me through the pros and cons of each plant (plus she reminded me of my old Irish neighbour. I concluded all Irish women must talk at a million miles per hour!). While I was there I picked up a sample pot of yellow paint which I am going to use to re paint some old wooden dining chairs for the kitchen at the beach shack. I also found a desk lamp which was only $16. Winner!

These rag rug style bath mats I found at a local $2 store.
Thirdly, the most exciting part of today was the arrival of some fabric that I ordered earlier in the week from Cloth Fabric. If you remember my post about my favourite store, Eco-co, I purchased a cushion from there that was made from Cloth Fabric. It was an exorbitant purchase but one I am still very happy with. That said, it gave me the idea of ordering the fabric and making some myself.

Four different fabrics...
...cut into squares...
....and viola, they have been made into cushions (without the help of Gus my sewing buddy who has a habit of sleeping on the job!) 
I had some cushion inserts already but not enough to do them all so I'll go to spotlight tomorrow and fill the last two.
This one is my favourite and I can't wait to see what it looks like at the shack.
So for less than the price I paid for the one from Eco-co, I've made 6 and I still have HEAPS of fabric left over. If you like the fabric or would like to look at any of their other range, Cloth fabric has an online store at They're Aussie designed and produced and comes in an awesome array of styles and colours.

I have decided that the beach shack is going to have a natural style with a hint of yellow (thanks to those who made the suggestions after my last post about decorating the beach shack lounge and kitchen) and I'm hoping that the cushions and the few trinkets that I have purchased will give the lounge a much less sterile feel. I'll put some pics up next time I go there and see what you think.


  1. I love the cushions Alex! I saw zip pouches in the same fabric at the Richmond Gallery last week. Have you been to Rouche fabric yet? Natural linen for $26/m and a more coarse one for $28/m. I'm getting inspired by your projects my dear :)

    1. Ahhh, I aim to inspire! I don't know where Rouche fabric are Kate, I'm going to google it now. I always like to know where to get the good stuff!!

      I am having so much fun sewing at the moment. I don't have the patience for anything too complicated though but I love making bags and cushions!

  2. When you get your mojo back, you REALLY get it back! Love where you're going with this retro caneware theme, Alex ... the visual "pop" from the green foliage and those deep yellow accents is just what the shack needs. I thought it was already looking fabulous (can't believe what you've achieved in just a few weeks!) but should have known you had a really special "Alex" touch yet to come. I can see what Katie (above) means ... your cushions are inspiring and beautiful! x

    1. Awwww, thanks Sheryl. I think you give me more "props" than I deserve but I'll take it! Keep an eye out for the new pics to see the outcome of my successful shopping say I'm pleased would be an understatement.

      I hope you're well.