Monday, 16 July 2012

Ewan's First Birthday Party

I did a lot of complaining about throwing Ewan a party for his first birthday but in the end, I have to say I enjoyed it. In saying that, this will not be occurring again for many years to come. I've spent my whole week planning, cooking and preparing for one day and now I'm totally exhausted! Ewan had a ball though and it was lovely to see.

In his first year, he has learnt to crawl, has five teeth, says Mum and Dad and throws a ball better than most five year olds. He's a boys boy and loves nothing more than rolling around the floor with his Dad or making a dirty mess of himself. Parenthood is a much better gig than I ever dreamed of and I can't imagine what I did in my spare time pre Ewan.

I've taken a few pics of the day for you to have a squiz at:

This was before the mayhem of 36 guests arriving. The weather was ordinary so we had to all cram inside together. It was quite overwhelming at times for me but Ewan was oblivious and loved every minute. Oh and yes, that is Gus the cat in the tunnel!
This is Ewan's Tina the dalmation dog cake. It turned out quite well in the end but it was a bit touch and go when I was putting it together!
A few Gus the cat inspired cupcakes.
This was an idea I stole from a lady at work. How cute are the Tiny Teddies driving their little chocolate cars!
Opening presents this morning on his actual birthday. He was spoilt and loved all the new books and toys.
Gus found himself a quiet place amongst the mayhem! 
Tina our muse checking out her clone. 
So thank you to all the generous friends and family who gave up their time to come along and help celebrate Ewan's first birthday. You all went too far overboard with your gifts but we really appreciate them. My favourite gifts were all the books and Kate's amazing cushion she made for Ewie (I'll take a pic and show you in the next blog). Ewan's favourite gift was the wrapping paper that everything came in!

Today is a total write off. I'm exhausted, Ewan's exhausted so we're just chilling out at home, reminiscing on that overwhelming time this time last year which was Ewan's first day in the world.


  1. Sounds like a blast! Happy birthday Ewan! (again - had to say it on his b'day party post!)

    I love the cake Alex, it's awesome! My attempt was a disaster, my sponge cake turned out completely dry, I could have cried. Then I rushed to put it together, the decorating was minimal and rather terrible, and in the end it looked like a stoned koala rather than a teddy bear! Oh dear. Not that Hugh cared, but I care! :)

    Hugh wasn't interested in his presents, though none of them were toys! He was more interested in the bright pink dazzly bag that friends had brought a bottle of champagne in!

    1. Haha, Ewan was the same in that the wrapping paper was his favourite present to start with. When the guests all left he was right into all the toys and books that he got and he got LOTS. OMG everyone went OTT. I have a library of books for him (although he has favourites which I've read to him about a million times over - I'm hoping he'll get sick of them soon so we can go onto some new ones!) and why do people buy the most annoying, noisy toys ever? I get woken up in the morning to a Mexican "famp famp" band (some weird drum thing, that sounds like "famp famp!??) amongst others.

      I wish someone had have brought me one ever remembers the poor mothers at these 1 year old parties! Hahaha