Friday, 13 July 2012

Can't Talk....Need Sleep

Tired, need sleep, exhausted etc etc so this one's going to be brief.

My last two days have gone a little like this: Worked yesterday then made melting moments and choc balls (on top of the usual end of day stuff) for Ewan's party on Sunday. Worked today, then made a birthday present for my youngest sister who turns 10 next week (I'll see her on Sunday).

This is the front. The materials I had in my sewing box and the cushion insert was one I already had.
This is the back. It's far from perfect but I think she will love it.
A few added extras and viola, present done!

Now I can finally sit down and flick through these which arrived in the mail today, then I'm off to bed for an early night before pre birthday party mayhem. Yippeeeeeeee!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I love that fabric! (I think when I do get a sewing machine the first thing I'll do is make lots of cushions! I hate buying them.)

    1. I went through a phase of buying a heap of different fabrics with the intention on making bits and pieces for Ewan. It never eventuated but that hasn't been such a bad thing 'cos I've been using it all for the library bags and cushions that I've made for gifts this last month.

      You should find a second hand sewing machine that you won't feel guilty to leave behind when you come back. That way you can do some of these things you want. I love making cushions at the mo. They're easy and quick to put together and can make such a difference to a room. In saying that, I've seen Tara's work and her cushions are AMAZING and no doubt take quite a lot longer to make than mine do!

  2. your cushion is very nice. great job.

    I just seen on Nannas instagram, your awwwwwesome doggie cake you made. you done such a fabulous job. did you taste yummy?

    how have you been?


    1. Hi Dahra!

      The cake was YUM! Chocolate and vanilla with butter icing, nothing too fancy but still proved a challenge for my limited baking skills. I was happy with the outcome tho :)

      We have been well but super busy. I think I need to have a break soon and just veg out. Actually today I did a lot of "veg" but I still don't really feel rested. Maybe next week...!

      What's your news?