Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ewan's Room - A Few Changes for a Growing Boy

A while ago I took some pictures of Ewan's room which was decorated for a brand new baby. Since then, I've started to make the room a little bit more age appropriate.

I've still kept the "owl theme" for the most part but swapped the armchair over for one that is a bit more "blokey"
A new wall sticker has been added (bought off Etsy). Very appropriate I think!
This is on the opposite wall. It's all his bits and pieces on display. The shelf and moose rocker are from Ikea.
I made Ewan a new quilt which still has owls on it but the quilt is a bit bigger than the one his "Nambi" made him when he was a baby.
So as you can see, the changes are subtle. I've kept the same colours and theme but added a few new things into the mix which has made the room look a bit more "toddler" rather than "baby".

If you can't remember what his room looked like before, there is a like here for you to take another peek.


  1. "boy: noise with dirt on it" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Link for that sticker?? (I love how you always write "brought" instead of "bought" - do you mind if I giggle over that?)

    I'd love to have a room like that for Hugh. He shares a room with Adam - it's half Hugh, half study. We painted two walls a nice creamy yellow, hung a gorgeous Michael Sowa print I spent a bit of money on (got a canvas one stretched over a frame - might be able to afford to frame it one day!) and it used to have his big white IKEA chest of drawers too (the least flimsiest one they had, incidentally - I thank my dad for teaching me how to find good quality, sturdy stuff, even at IKEA!!), as well as his big handsome cot which we also dished money out on.

    But now it just has his cot and a pack-n-play, his dresser's in our room and Adam's using half of it, and most of his toys and his books are out in the "playroom" because it's also a daycare! It works, and Hugh doesn't care either way, but you don't get that feeling when you walk into his room of "awwwww Hugh's room!" You walk in and feel like, "um, what is this space really?" !

    (I can't remember where we were chatting before - about self-weaning and teething etc.? What post was that? I've been all through your blog and can't figure it out! damn you Blogspot!!)

  2. Oh and we were chatting about the babies on Home Is Where the Heart Is - My Bedroom!

  3. Cheers!

    Did your first comment disappear? I seem to remember a different reply that I didn't have time to read in full and reply to, before.

    1. I don't think so? We've got so many conversations going all over the place, I can't remember what I've written where!

    2. I have that feeling too... Only I thought you had left me the link for the sticker. Maybe I'm going mad. Or hallucinating... would explain a few things...

  4. Ohp! Not to worry, found it! (don't you just love google?!)