Thursday, 31 May 2012

Design Inspiration Pictures I Love

Unfortunately design/decoration ideas are often not original and have been recycled and inspired by someone else first. Well, that is the way for me, I see something I like and then I use the idea for my own decorating.

These are some of my latest pics that I have found inspiring and want to use in the decorating of the new beach shack:

This bedroom just has such a lovely feel about it. It's got the old stye bed mixed with the more modern bedding and wall hangings. It works really well and I plan on using the concept out in the bungalow at the beach shack with an old bed that the previous owner left in the house which looks similar to this one. 
This I LOVE. I've been trying to find one of these old style starburst clocks on e-bay but they're all selling for over $500 which I really can't afford. Oh well, I might get lucky at a garage sale one day.
There's actually nothing in this pic that I intend on copying at the shack but I just liked it. 
I kept this pic because I like the shelves and sideboard. I plan on doing this sort of think in the beach shack's lounge.
I'm pretty sure mum has a old chair like this in her shed so if I can find a tree that would hold it, I'd like to do this at the beach shack.
I don't necessarily like everything in the pic but there's usually something in there that I think to myself, that I'd like to keep in mind for a rainy day.

I find these pics on the internet mainly on blogs like or or or I also regularly stalk a store on facebook called Ecoco who has the most amazing home wares. I wish I could afford them tho! You can look at their stuff at

If you have any other design blogs that you love, make sure you let me know. It's cheeper than buying a home wares magazine subscription when you get to peek at other people's decorating pictures online.


  1. Some gorgeous looks there, Alex! Check this out - I was looking at it this morning: Perhaps you could fashion a starburst-look clock as a stopgap until you find that perfect original one?

    1. Hi Sheryl,

      Thanks for your link, it's awesome! I just need to find some time to give it a go!

      I watched another one on e-bay the other day and it went for $500, eeek! I think I will most certainly be making one over buying.

      I hope you're well. I'm loving your blog :)