Thursday, 10 May 2012

Home is Where the Heart is - My Hallway

The hallway. It's a necessary in pretty much every house but it's such a waste of space. Our hallway is so wide that it could almost pass as another bedroom and in a house as small as ours you have to wonder why they wasted some of that precious space on a bloody huge hall!

It's also a frustrating room to decorate because it's long and skinny. I've used our hallway as a bit of a gallery for all our photos and the long church pew doesn't impose on the space too much. It's also a good place for sitting on whilst getting on your shoes (or waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom!?)

In the near future I plan on putting an attic ladder into the ceiling of the hallway and creating another room/storage space up in the high pitch of the roof. This will be valuable for us as we're always looking for more storage and when you have a small house, it can look cluttered easily when you have bits and pieces stuffed everywhere. Having the extra room in the ceiling will be awesome. Having the wide hallway is a good thing in this case because the ladder shouldn't get in the way too much when it's down.

I purchased the Eames Hang It All from and it goes right next to the front door which is handy for plonking your handbag and coat on when you get in the door.

As simple as putting a picture on the wall sounds, there is still a bit of a art to it. I believe in grouping your photos for best effect. Hence why there is one big frame and then two identical ones next to it. It sort of balances it out and would look funny if there was one big and then only one small frame next to it.

On the other side of the hall I have done the same thing and grouped the frames together AND yes, I do have a glass front door. Weird and a little show pony you may be thinking. I thought that when I moved in (I didn't put the door in, it was the previous owner) but when the sun comes around in the afternoon you can understand why he did it. It lights up the hall and into the back of the house in a lovely way.

This is Ewan's bedroom door with a little sparrow sticker keeping a watch over it!

At the end of the hallway is a deceptive little cupboard which when you open it, you realise is a whole lot more than a cupboard, it's Roge's "man cave"! We only have a two bedroom house and when we realised there was a baby on the way, we had to find a new place for all Roge's studio gear and office stuff. Hence, we built it into a cupboard and the beauty of that is that when I don't want to see all the mess in there, I can close the doors. Brilliant if I do say so myself! Recently for his birthday I brought him a disco ball to put up in it but it hasn't been taken out of the box yet! I'll have to get him onto that.

So there you have it, another of our rooms (if you can call it that). If you haven't already looked at my other rooms, check out the lounge and kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Plus Ewan's room of course! Hopefully there is some inspiration in there for you somewhere.


  1. Hey Alex, sorry I never replied to YOUR replies last week. Hope you are well.
    Your house looks beautiful, I am looking forward to you putting up more of your place. What does your husband do, for him to have 'studio gear'? you dont have to answer that. That is a really good idea, putting it all in a "cupboard". Well im about to upload some pics on my blog now. Check it out :D

    1. I'm sure I wrote you a reply the other day? Weird. I also can't access your blog any more kiddo so you must have put some privacy setting on it? Anyhoo, no stress!

      Roge is a nurse by day and a DJ by night! Hilarious hey but it's his hobby, he loves it and has been DJ-ing at Hotel NY (amongst others) for 12 years or so.

      Thanks for the compliment about my house. I do love it and I'm very "house proud"! I try to make it nice but I try to do that on a budget. We do all of our renovating ourselves and I love to op shop!

      Anyhoo, nice to hear from you. Keep well


    2. I understand why you are house proud, what ive seen on here, looks beautiful.
      Wow, a nurse and a dj, that is an awesome combo haha.
      No idea about my blog, ill have a look at my settings, thanks.
      We,ve started some renos here but havent finished a lot off. we,ve closed off two doorways and put another door in the other end of loungeroom but havent finished plastering hallway cos we,re waiting on.a final decision about style of cupboards. Slow process, not so great at decision making haha.

    3. Renovating is a long process for us too cos we save our money, then do a job, save a bit more and do another etc. You'll get there and when you do, it will feel great! If you're in no hurry then just plod along like you are.

      Have a fun day :)