Thursday, 12 June 2014

New Treats For Winter

There's not much to report from "Alex Land" of late. However, I have been spending all my pocket money on a few new Winter items for my house. Just like us with our new Winter clothes, I think our houses need a few additions in the new season.

I love my pine-cone cushion from Pony Rider. To me it feels very "Wintery".

And if you're one who looks at my Hello From Tassie Facebook page, you will have seen that I have a new wood basket. Its coppery loveliness has stolen my heart and it doesn't even feel like a chore to take it out into the cold and fill it up with wood for my fire.

Apart from those few new things, I've been pulling mohair and wool throw rugs out of the cupboards to fling over the beds and lounges. I've also been lighting scented candles and rearranging pictures on the walls. It's definitely Winter at my house and my desire to cosy up my "nest" has kicked in.

Keep warm. X

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