Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Blackboard But No Chalk

I've just come back from the beach shack, so I'm rested and happy. Good thing too as this week is going to be frantic, preparing for Ewan's first birthday Party on Sunday. One year old already, OMG this year has flown!

As promised I've taken some pictures of the beach shack lounge room with the addition of my home made cushions and some of the op shop finds. I am SUPER excited and happy with the result. Before the lounge seemed so sterile and "brown and white" to quote myself. Now it seems tropical, contemporary but still casual.

I'm yet to put a picture in the Ikea frame on the wall but I put it up anyway!

Such a simple thing to add the cushions and a plant but it really makes the room don't you think? Also, I've done a heap of work in the kitchen but I'm going to hold off showing you that yet because I want to get one more thing done (before the big reveal!) I will however show you the blackboard that I made along with the apple shaped coasters that I found at the op shop. It looks really fun but much to my frustration I forgot the chalk so I couldn't scribble all over it. I had it written on my list to take up to the beach shack but I overlooked it somehow. Oh well, next time!

I couldn't find the roll of blue masking tape that I use to make perfectly clean paint lines so I decided to deliberately make the blackboard all "rough" at the top and I think it has turned out much better any way!

Lastly I'm going to show you something my husband taught me over the weekend...how to do "hospital corners" when making the bed!!! I have always wanted to know how to do them and would never have thought that Roge would be the one to teach me!!! I'm a bit chuffed to tell you the truth, he's a man of many hidden talents.

So back to cooking for the party. I have to admit I wasn't going to bother doing a party but then the family kept asking if I was having one and then I started to go to a few parties for some of Ewan's friends from our mothers group and somehow I got caught up in it all and next thing I was sending out invites! I'm happy about it now that I've made the decision and I've realised how special it is to celebrate Ewan turning 1.

I'm going to try to make a dalmatian dog cake but I think it will end up being a cloud if it all goes wrong. Remember, I'm not much of a baker so it could be pretty hit or miss! Wish me luck.


  1. I love the rough-topped chalkboard! It looks SO much better than just a straight edge - which would have looked fine, but now I see the one you've done I wouldn't want a straight edge anymore!

    Ugh sheets, I hate 'em, give me a doona any day! But that is a very neat corner!

    1. Thanks! I agree, it looks heaps groovier with the uneven top. I love it when a dilemma turns into a win!

      It's too cold here to have a doona only. In summertime we only have a thin doona but in winter it's a flannel sheet, blanket and then the doona! (and a hot water bottle on the really cold nights!)