Thursday, 2 July 2015

Progress Report

It's weird but yesterday it dawned on me, I'm in the middle of a semi huge renovation and I didn't even realise. You're probably thinking what is she on about cos she's been going on about renovating downstairs for months now but as silly as it sounds, I very naively thought that the few things that we had planned to do on the house wouldn't effect us because it was all in unused space downstairs and out the back. I was wrong.

It's been muddy, it's noisy, there is no back door so it's cold, there is no laundry so I have a pile of washing up to the ceiling.  It's unsafe outside so the kids can't go out. The dog had to go to the in-laws because even she couldn't stand the mess. I'm constantly feeling like my privacy is non existent cos the trades are always here. We have no work-life balance because my poor (dear) husband is flogging himself on the reno every spare second he's got. It's hideous!

Now all that said, the big picture keeps us going. When it's done, it's going to give us soon much new space to enjoy. This Summer is going to see some fun times...

So where are we at, well, there are walls in the laundry again and it's had it's first fix plumbing and electrics done. The stairs are made, we're just waiting for the builder to have some time to install them. The workshop is on it's way to complete and we've nearly laid all the decking boards. A few more fine Winters days and it will really make a difference to the completeness of that area.

We have prioritised communal spaces in converting our house from a 60's gem to a modern space. We have only enough bedrooms for us and the boys (no guest room or study) and they are small. No fancy main bedroom with walk in robe or ensuite BUT we have a large living area which sprawls out onto gorgeous outdoor space and soon our lower level will be one large rumpus which flows onto the biggest deck in the Southern hemisphere (and a second bathroom). What do you think, did I make the right choice or do you think I should have converted downstairs into the "parent retreat" with large walk in robe and bathroom? I often doubt the choice BUT I can see that we have two small boys who will turn into big boys and so our decisions have been with that in mind.

Despite our renovation experience, I don't think we've got very good at it! It's always stressful, over budget and the process still surprises me (and I feel like I know nothing). Yet, I can't see myself stopping! There's lots of creativity and problem solving involved and the end result is so satisfying.

Next week the builders are booked in to do a stack more work inside so hopefully it will all get moving a bit quicker again. It will be nice to show you some more finished areas, not just my building site! Those TV shows that get a whole house renovated in a week are so unrealistic, I'll be lucky to get these few rooms done in six months!

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