Wednesday, 18 March 2015

We Have A New (Old) Terrace...Just As Summer Ends (doh!)

My hubby Roge has had a month off "work" this February (which means that he didn't go to his day job for a month so I set him to work on house projects instead!) He has, to my delight, achieved so much in that time, the house is looking fantastic and all those half finished projects have almost all been completed. One of those jobs was to turn our dowdy old terrace into a place we want to spend time on.

The concrete needed a fair bit of prep work to make it waterproof as it had large cracks which were leaking water into the rumpus room below. Also, we wanted to keep the old balustrade because the style is true to the era of the house BUT we hated the decorative detail that was in it (plus it was unsafe and I was paranoid that one of the kids would climb through it and fall to their death!)

We didn't like the decorative detail in the balustrade. The view is ok tho!
Waterproofing on.

The solution was inexpensive, just a little time consuming. Roge and his dad Trev cut out the old panels that we didn't like and replaced them with simple upright pieces. It cost $40 which was a whole lot cheaper than replacing the whole balustrade (which we had quoted for glass at a cost of $7000!!!!) I'm so glad that we kept the original balustrade now instead of putting a glass one on. We have been at risk of removing too much of the house's original details so it feels good to have kept it and it looks really good with it's little adjustment.

I'm the worst photographer going around but you get the idea! 

The tiles are laid, the balustrade mended, stripped, painted and it looks sooooo good. Now I have to decide how to decorate it. I'm thinking lots of bean bags and a low coffee table. I should mention that it's now a Tassie Autumn and it's unlikely that I'll sit out there for more than 10 minutes before freezing so it might not be until next Summer that I even use the terrace but it is another job ticked off the "to do list" which is a mighty fine feeling in itself.


  1. That looks bloody fantastic! What a massive improvement. You guys are amazing! Way to save a huge amount of cash, too. You can enjoy a quick cuppa out there, and if nothing else, those tiles and the balustrade will look amazing through the glass doors!

    1. Thanks 😊
      I'm super happy with it AND there have been a few sunny/not too windy days where I've been able to enjoy it and a good cuppa! Plus the kids have been able to ride their bikes out there and I can supervise whilst doing the cooking etc (which had been super convenient!)

  2. What a difference, it looks great! I love all that you have done with the house.

    1. Aww thanks Janice. It's always lovely to hear positive feedback. I am loving it I have to say, those big bean bags have been getting a good bit of use!