Saturday, 31 January 2015

New Linen Joy

Yay for the weekend eh!

This weekend I've been re-arranging a few things around my house (just for the fun of it). I will admit that I have a penchant for bedlinen and when Aussie designers Kip & Co had their recent end of season sale, I may have bought a few lovely bits and pieces. The boys both got new "pizza sheets" for their beds and they're ultra fun. Ewan pretends to eat his bed every night when he gets into bed!

I'm continuously rearranging Ewan's corner of the bedroom. The deer head is one I've had for years but has recently found it's way to above his bed. Looks cute I think. No doubt I'll move it all around again next week. Hahaha.

On Monday I'm off for my first holiday away from the kids and I'm uber excited! Its only for two nights but I'll be making the most of it. Shopping, eating, cinema and spending some quality time with my hubby. Bring it on!

Enjoy your weekends everybody (but bring on Monday!)


1 comment:

  1. I love those pizza sheets!! Have a fantastic time away. :)