Friday, 14 November 2014

DIY Christmas Paper and Cards - The Potato Stamp Is Back!

I may be a little bit in love with my home-made potato stamp. I can't stop stamping!!

After making my Advent Calendar, I've started to make Christmas paper and cards with some materials I already had in the cupboard (so adhering to the "No Spend November" rules). I always have brown paper and I still had a packet of these cheap Kmart cards. Both have now been "Christmas-ized".

A few coloured buttons and voila

Whilst I was stamping away, Ewan was doing his own version. I'd cut Christmas tree shapes into sponges and gave him some kiddie paint. He almost had as much fun as me!

Next for the wrapping of the gifts. I might save that for a bit closer to Christmas day but at least now  I have something to wrap with. The versatility of brown paper and a potato eh!

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