Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day 1 No Spend November

I'm at the motivated end of my 'No Spend November' (it's day 2!) I've had a successful first day and I thought I'd share why.

I started my day with a home made coffee instead of a bought one. I didn't have to compromise on quality, I still used good quality beans from a local roaster, Ritual coffee along with our trusty Aeropress (a fancy plunger). Zero spent (as I'd bought the beans last month), a tick of me.

Next Roge and I planned our day (we are child free today thanks to the Grandparents). I really wanted to go to the Deloraine craft fair this year but I knew it was a $15 entry fee and I don't want to be temped to spend any money anyhow so I suggest we knock off one or two of our 500 jobs we need to do!

Roge immediately says "yeah, I can build that step out the front" to which I say, "will it cost anything" and he says "yeah a few hundred dollars". Problem. So I suggest that we do another job on our list that I know we already have the materials for down in the workshop. We worked at our own pace, music blaring (sorry neighbours), enjoying the time together and soon enough we've achieved something which we've been meaning to do for months. It's a good feeling as some of the little jobs we have around the house have been hanging over our heads a little bit.

Not wanting to be stuck in the house all day I suggest we take the dog for a walk. Again free, tick for me (and we all enjoy the pristine bush reserve that we are lucky to live near.)

Day two (it's Sunday morning):

I make a coffee again as before but instead of suggesting we go out for brunch, I make pancakes. A big whoop from the kids and we all enjoy hanging out together watching Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom (maybe the best kids cartoon in the world!) Still no money spent this weekend, a BIG tick!

Basic Pancake Recipe:

1 Cup SR Flour
1 Cup Milk
1 Egg
Dash of vanilla essence

Mix all together with a whisk, adding milk 1/2 cup at a time to avoid lumps occurring. Fry over a medium/low heat until slightly golden. Flip onto other side and then serve with jam or lemon and sugar. Mmmmm

So that's where I'm up to now. Later I have friends coming over for a bevy and catch up. I'll break out a bottle of something that I have already instead of hitting the bottle'o for some beers. Zero $$ spent, a BIG Tick.

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