Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas Advent Calendar Making

No Spend November is still going well (day 10 today). I've been keeping to the formula of using what I've got before buying something new and today's activity was no exception.

Christmas is on it's way and after an assessment of my craft cupboard I decided I had enough materials to do some potato stamping and make a homemade Advent Calendar.

Firstly, a quick "how-to" on potato stamp making:

Chop your potato into thirds length-ways. You will need to keep one "side piece" and the middle piece to make the stamp. Cut a shape into the middle piece (or like me, use a cookie cutter).

Use tooth picks or chopped up skewers to connect the two pieces back together.

Dry the stamp with a bit of towel and then you're ready to go!

I'm making my Advent Calander with brown paper bags and different coloured ink pads. 

Twelve red and twelve black stamped brown paper bags and I have enough to make a 24 day calendar.

Over the last few months I've been buying little bits and pieces at the local $2 shop to use as stocking fillers and for the Advent Calendar. I've put into my calendar some matchbox cars, Christmas crackers (left over from last year's Christmas), some tree decorations, stamps, gold coins, stickers, books, magnets, bouncy balls. If you don't have children you can still make an Advent calendar but make it for your partner or for when visitors comes around, there's no limitations really!

I've hung the calendar in our hallway on jute string and clipped with mini pegs. I'm super chuffed with how it's worked out.

I'm loving my potato stamp and decided not to stop at Advent calendar making. Keep an eye out on the blog later in the week for what else I've been doing.

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