Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fabric Tassel Garland, It's The Return Of "Crafting Alex"!

Woohoo, today I completed my first craft project since Kai was born. That's 15 months out of the saddle. Phew, I must have been busy?

Anyhoo, lets get to it. I've started to think about Christmas 2014 and gifts for my family. I have a LARGE family and although none of us spend a lot on each other, the money I do spend I like to go a long way.

I have two much younger sisters (11 and 14 years old) who I love to dote on (probably due to my lack of girls of my own; I have two raucous boys). This year for Christmas I thought I'd help them on their way to funking up their bedrooms. They are both teenagers (or almost) and transitioning from having children's rooms to teenager's rooms.

Kmart Australia have a lot of cheap bed linen. I bought this queen size doona cover for only $10 and another in blue for $9. That's a bargain (but I try not to think about the fact that I've probably just bought straight from a sweat shop in China).

To go with the doonas that I had bought the girls (I bought two), I thought I might make the girls flag buntings. I've done them before and they're easy but look cool. Then I had a thought, I had seen a garland made out of tassels recently and I thought it looked pretty easy to recreate. Sure enough, a quick Google later and I've found a tutorial to follow. I'm not going to re translate it again on my page for you, I'll put the link here if you're interested.

Anyhoo, basically the tassels are made out of rags/ripped up pieces of fabric. I raided my materials box as well as the old baby spew cloths that I don't use any more (you can have a look at them here in an earlier post I did) and ripped them into 20cm by 2cm strips. 

I tried to find a few pieces of fabric that had a link to the colour of the new doona cover but the rest were just random colours and pieces that all seemed to go together fairly well.

It only took about 45 minutes from start to finish and I'd made six rag tassels and attached them to a long piece of ribbon.

It was a fun and simple project to get me back into my old crafting mode. Plus it didn't cost me a cent to make as I had all the materials already. So garland + doona cover makes a good looking Christmas gift for the grand total of $10. Perfect. Now only a dozen or more presents to put together, still, that's one less than yesterday!

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