Thursday, 14 August 2014

Am I A Hippy Now?

Ahhh, I do love a sunny Winters day and lately Launceston has been getting plenty of them, today being no exception. Lovely.

Anyhoo, today I was reflecting on what I've been doing of late and whether any of it is blog worthy. I realised that for some reason I'm clearly going through an more extreme phase in my 'living more simply" phase (if it is a phase!?) I've been activating legumes, gardening, sprouting vegetables for the Summer garden, not washing my hair with shampoo and the big one....killing, plucking and butchering roosters for my freezer. Yes, I think I am officially a hippy!

When I say that or even think about what that means, I feel slightly horrified. I get images of unwashed, cheesecloth wearing, patchouli smelling, dreadlocked people from my childhood (I grew up in the bush surrounded by these types but never considered myself one.) I was slightly reassured recently when I asked my friend if she thought that I had turned into a hippy and she promptly replied "I don't think a hippy would have an oven like that" pointing at my very luxurious stainless steel, 900mm wide Smeg. Thank you Verity, you made my day!

With our renovation at a bit of a standstill and my unpaid maternity leave keeping us a bit more budget conscious, I find that I don't have as much decoration stuff to show off any more but I still enjoy rearranging what I already have. Last weekend we went to the beach shack and I found myself Spring cleaning and moving around all the rooms as I went along. I don't know how many times I have redone Ewan's room now but it's been done again.

It's amazing how a little cleaning and rearranging can be as satisfying as buying a lot of new things to decorate with. This room is much the same as it was before however it feels new with only a few items (from other rooms) introduced and the display items rearranged. That's the cheapest renovation I've ever done!


  1. I love this! Embrace your hippy-ness, Alex ... it's a fabulous characteristic. My inner hippy looks just like Stevie Nicks (no pachouli oil or dreadlocks). :)

  2. The room re-do looks awesome, as usual :) And I'm a pseudo-hippy too.
    Random question: where did you get the tub and shower screen for your current bathroom? Old news, I know... but the prices you got are great (and the room itself is gorgeous)! We put in a new shower screen in our basement bathroom and it was double that price from Bunnings. It's almost time to do the upstairs so thought I'd ask.
    Hope all is well - it was nice to read your update.