Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kiddie Bedroom at the Beach Shack

The beach shack has been mostly done for ages but there was one room that I hadn't done anything fun with yet. It's the "kiddie bedroom" and it's located next to Ewan's bedroom. It's a room which I had always thought would be good for Ewan to use as a playroom but also house a few beds for when others stay. 

I'd asked around my family to see if anyone had spare old bunk beds but no one had any available at the time. After nearly a year, I got sick of waiting and scouring Gumtree (the free classifieds) so I went out and purchased some new bed frames which were the start to the kiddie bedroom. They're not bunk beds but I'm glad I didn't go with bunks in the end as the twin beds look great and don't take up too much room (well not as much as I thought they would).

The beds were $99 each from a shop called Fantastic furniture and remind me of old hospital beds. They're very sweet and very "vogue". I've noticed similar styles in all the home-wares magazines of late. Next I used Gumtree to find some second hand mattresses and the retro bedside drawers was a $10 purchase from the Longford Tip Shop. I had planned on re painting them but the yellow goes really well with the room colour theme (the whole houses' colour theme for that matter) so they're going to stay yellow for now.

To style the room, I made some new cushions from left over Cloth fabric I had from the cushions in the lounge room. That same day, when I was having a sewing frenzy, I also made the bunting out of other fabric scraps. 

The bedding is only cheap white sheets and some large throw rugs from Waverley Woollen mills which are a local business in Launceston, Tasmania.

This photo was taken by a very talented friend of ours, Shaun. The frame, an old one I have from Ikea.

The walls are painted white with the left over paint from the rest of the house (Dulux Natural White) and the flooring is seagrass carpet which I have laid through most of the lower level of the house (over the concrete).

Overall I'm really happy with how it's come up. It's simple like the rest of the house as it's a beach shack and doesn't need to be too over the top styled. On the other side of the room there is a little set of kiddie table and chairs as well as an old TV so it's perfect for Ewan to lounge around in, do drawings and the like. I think the only thing it's missing is a bean bag for in front of the TV. Finding a pattern to make my own bean bag is on my to do list.

I decided to give the guest bedroom a little extra va-voom while I was in decorating mode. Using the pom pom garland that I made a few months ago, I hung it above the bed. The room was a bit bare before but adding this one feature has made all the difference. To see a pic of it before, you can go to the link here.

The beach shack interior is now complete, no doubt I'll make little changes as I feel like it but for the most part, it's done. Yay! Don't worry, I still have the bungalow to turn into "something", I want to do an outdoor living room and the back deck needs a make over so there will still be blogs about the shack. For now I should probably worry about having this baby and concentrating on that but I'll still be planning the next project (as always)!

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