Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Getting "Arty" Alex Style

I'm relishing helping my sister pull together her new house, not only the renovating but the decorating too. My sister has some lovely belongings but not a lot of decorating experience and has very kindly indulged her eldest sister who is champing at the bit to add some of her own style! Anyhoo, I hope to be able to build on what she has with a few new things thrown in. My aim is to help her create a comfortable, more modern and sophisticated interior (and one day try to convince her to embrace some mid century items to go with the era of her house...I think she's yet to be convinced but I'll keep trying!)

With that in mind, I spent a few minutes today picking out a modern fabric from Spotlight and covering a few old canvases I had in order to create some new wall art. Fabric over canvasses is one of my favourite "instant art" decorating things to do. It's inexpensive and quick and easy to pull together...right up my ally.

The canvasses I have are 38cm by 38cm wide. That means that 1 metre of fabric was more than enough to cover all three and some left over for cushions.

I cut the fabric into 42cm by 42cm squares so I have a bit of fabric to fold around the edges of the canvasses.

Then I stripped the old fabric off the canvases, ready for the new style. 

Placing the canvas exactly in the middle of the fabric, I folded the fabric over the edge of the canvas. I then used a staple gun to secure it on.

One down, another two to go.

Neatly fold the excess fabric at the corners and again, staple down securely.

Ta da! Three lovely new art-works which will look fantastic on the crisp new painted walls. At less than $10 for the fabric (I used about $4 worth for this project) and if you had to buy the canvasses for a few dollars each (from a $2 shop, don't go to a art store and buy the expensive ones), this art would cost you less than $15.

If you like this fabric, it can be found at Spotlight and it's called "Happiness".

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