Thursday, 14 March 2013

Do You Clean? If So, You Might Like to Know About This!

A while ago, I wrote what I considered to be my daggiest blog ever however today's post will possibly take the cake. That said, I do believe that when you're onto a good thing, it must be shared.

Cleaning. Not my favourite thing but I do it because I'd prefer a clean house than a dirty one but I'm a bit ashamed to say, my shower gets a very rare clean (the one good thing about having black tiles, you can get away with being a bit relaxed about cleaning). Yesterday I walked into the bathroom and the shower screen disgusted me so much I couldn't leave it any longer. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that the shower screen might get a bi annual clean!

I do however have an awesome product which scrubs all the soap scum and lime off the shower screen and at $5 a pot, it's also a bargain. Gumption is found as all the major supermarkets and whilst I originally purchased my first tub to clean a horrendous stain I'd made on my white ceazer-stone bench-top in the kitchen, I found through the power of Google that it works well on shower screens. "Works well" might be an understatement, my shower screen never looked so good prior to me finding and using Gumption.

I recommend rubbing the Gumption on and leaving it for 5 minutes before getting a kitchen scourer, a bit of water, giving the glass a good scrub and lastly washing it down with clean water. Use a glass "squidgee" to wipe off the last of the water (this will stop any streaks).

If you too have issues with dirty shower screens, take my advise and give it a try. At $5, you can't lose. I now have a whole lotta feng shui satisfaction from cleaning the shower (and bathroom). A few stolen roses from my neighbours garden and I have the prettiest bathroom in town. Now I need to warn the men in my life to keep it that way!

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