Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cloudy Day Drawing Board for My Boy

I'm still loving Pinterest and recently I was inspired by a picture of a really cool drawing board someone had made their child. Mine looks nothing like the one I saw in the picture but it gave me the idea none the less.

After a rummage in the shed for an old scrap of MDF, I had Roge use the jigsaw and cut a cloud shape into the timber. I followed up with a coat of paint from a left over sample pot and viola, a cool backing board for Ewan when he does drawings.

I finished it all off with a roll of brown paper which cost about $3 from the local supermarket and a scrap of jute rope so now Ewan has a cool drawing board which can be used either hung up on a wall or placed flat onto any surface.

A little project for the weekend which only took an hour or so all up to put together. I did say I was going to have a weekend off at the beach shack to chill out and do nothing but I couldn't help myself and I just had to do SOMETHING!

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