Saturday, 19 January 2013

Quick and Easy Fruit Punch Drink

This time of year I like to make "fruit punch' although that said, there's nothing brilliant about it but it does make fizzy cordial look a whole lot nicer! However it quenches the thirst and is a nice change to a can of Coke (or similar).

You need a few sprigs of mint, some cut up fruit or berries, some ice, ginger ale, lemonade and some pineapple juice (or similar).

Mix it to your own personal taste but this is pretty much how I do it. Put all your fruit and ice in the jug/punch bowl, add one part juice,

Two parts ginger ale

And three parts lemonade

As I said, it's just a fancy way to present fizzy cordial and it's terribly inexpensive (but looks pretty impressive!) About $3 is what is cost me because I already had the raspberries, lemon and mint in the garden. The ice was made from tap water and it cost $1 each for the soda/juice.

So if you are sitting around one hot Summer day, reading a magazine and want something a little bit special to slurp on, why not have a go at making this simple drink. I'm "bang on it" at the moment as it's substituting my wine consumption (whilst I serve out my 9 month pregnancy detention!) I like to serve it in a big wine glass so it sort of feels like I'm sipping on a good vino...well sort of!

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