Monday, 3 December 2012

A Completed Beach Shack Bathroom

A few weeks ago, Roge helped me paint a new coat of white paint on the Beach Shack bathroom walls and put down the last of the seagrass matting. That took a day and then the next morning I was able to hang the recycled mirror, another hanging plant (I love them!), the medicine cabinet and a new shower curtain. That was all the bathroom needed and it's made it a whole lot fresher than before.

As you can see, the previous owner didn't have a whole lotta taste! You couldn't tell it was a beach shack bathroom, it simply looked like a daggy 70's bathroom.

The recycled mirror or the back wall was off an old chest of drawers that the previous owner had left at the property. We didn't like the drawers but I knew that the mirror would look lovely if it was hanging on the wall and bonus, I didn't have to pay for an expensive mirror.

We kept the long towel rail that runs almost the whole length of the bathroom as it was practical to keep for hanging lots of beach towels up to dry. The electrician replaced the old fluro light to a cheap Bunnings Hardware spotlight which is a much nicer light when you're trying to put on your make up in the morning, no one looks good in fluro!

I had incredible trouble taking this next photo of the sink area so I apologise for the darkness (hey, I don't claim to be a great camera woman!) We kept all the original sink/shower etc as it was in perfectly good condition, it was all white and let's face it, it's a shack not a day spa! We did however instal a new toilet that had a half flush to save water and new taps which modernised the room enough without having to do a major reno.

The accessories were a combo of things I already had and a few extras. The bamboo tissue holder is from Spotlight ($10), the glass jar was second hand ($2) which I'm filling with shells as I find them on the beach. The hanging plant holder was a hand me down from my mother in law but the bright yellow plant pot is from Bunnings Hardware ($16). Towels were some I already had. The medicine cabinet is from Spotlight and only cost $25 which is a bargain as I spent $110 on the red one that I have in my main home. To see the one I'm talking about click here.

An old apple box is acting as a good loo paper holder and a scented candle does the trick to keep the smells in order if required!

The toilet roll holder was already on the wall and I love it! So 70's (in a good way). I gave it a bit of a polish before putting it back on the wall after the painting.

So there you have it, a completed beach shack bathroom. It's simple and we used a lot of what we had but I'm really pleased with how it's come up. So much nicer than before, that's the main thing and now it looks like a bathroom that belongs to a beach shack.

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