Thursday, 8 November 2012

Baby Showers Galore!

Today I'm feeling pretty proud of my latest home made gift. ANOTHER friend is having a baby shower (it must be the year for it) so I've spent a few hours on the sewing machine and created this little number and I think it's my best yet.

I used a Peter Rabbit book which I turned into a bunting which cost all of 50c from the local op shop and some ribbon which I already had in the craft cupboard. For a tutorial on making the bunting, have a look at another I did here.

The cushion and canvas covered in the same bunny material cost about $6.50 but most of the fabric I already had, I only purchased the bunny fabric especially. The canvas was one of four which I purchased in a pack from Kmart for $5 in total so the one essentially cost $1.25.

Such a satisfying feeling to make a gift over going to a store and buying one. It's only 2 hours out of one of my days and this gift, I estimate cost approx $10...bargain!

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