Sunday, 25 November 2012

20 Something Years Later and I Finally Got One

My inner child has come out in full force today and it all started with a trip to the local Evandale market. I found an old Soda Stream machine for sale, the exact one that I wasn't allowed to have as a child, no matter how much I begged.

With no parent to deny me my Soda Stream machine now (twenty something years later!), I bought it on the spot, no haggling, I just had to have it. Mind you why haggle when it's being sold at the bargain price of $8! It came with the original instruction book and six original Soda Stream bottles. The lady who sold it said that it's been used all of once or twice. I believe her because it even has the original 1989 CO2 gas bottle and it is still completely full.

My first question to Roge was "do you think it's safe to still use the 23 year old bottle of CO2" to which he replied with a cheeky grin on his face, "yeah, why not, lets give it a try"!

One quick trip to Kmart to purchase some Soda Stream syrup and we were setting it up at home like excited children on X'mas morning. We weren't disappointed, the machine is faultless and soon we were sipping on cold, fizzy drinks.

It was a winner of a trip to the market full-stop despite my favourite patisserie not being there (the main reason why I went in the first place). Roge got a few old picture frames that he can use the glass from to make some more fancy timber photo frames ($4), Ewan got a toy train that once it had it's batteries replaced, was in perfect working order ($2) (and he hasn't stopped playing with) and I picked up a few second hand clothes for Ewan, including these adorable thongs ($2)!

A good loot overall and now I'm going to spend my afternoon on a sugary, carbonated high down at the beach. Life's tough sometimes!


  1. OMG I remember Soda Stream!! God looking at that brings back memories - we never had one, by my cousins in Hobart did and pretty much every time we visited they'd make us bottles of whatever.

    Cute thongs! How long do they stay on, really? ;)

    1. Hello and Merry Christmas!

      Oh yes, the Soda Stream - what can I say but I'm in love! Haha. I think all my friends were in the same boat as you and I, we each had a rich cousin or similar who had one and it was such a novelty to go to their house and have a Soda Stream. We've put ours down at the shack and goes really well with the whole vintage beach thing we have going down there. Nothing better than a cool drink on a hot day (although being winter in Canada you are probably more likely to have a hot chocolate at present!)

      Yes the thongs stay on remarkably well. There is a elastic strap that goes around the back on the heel which helps keep them on. They're good for the beach because his leather sandals get all wet and yucky but these don't absorb the water, hence being easier to clean afterwards!

      I hope you've had a bit of a break over Christmas. We have only had a week off but it's still been lovely (despite being sick for part of it.)

      I hope you're well