Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sunshine, Markets and a bit of Gardening

Not much happens at our place that's worth talking about when the weather is good. This past weekend, the weather was awesome at the beach shack and consequently, we did a lot of hanging at the beach.

Roge played on his new skim-board, Ewan finally put his feet into the water without screaming and Tina the dog, frolicked blissfully in the ocean. And me....well I observed all this from my beach towel, feeling like the luckiest person in the world. Ahhh, the bliss!

On Sunday I went to the Evandale market for the first time since winter ended. There were so many stalls and I had an awesome time picking through everyone's junk (and found a few beaut things) but I was mainly there for one thing, some new plants for the garden beds I'd made at the shack out of the old water tank. For a reminder you can see it here.

I like the look of mass planting of one type of plant over a mis mash of lots of different ones. I think it gives a far better effect. I bought a plant called Silver bush (not sure of it's real name) but it is a coastal, drought tolerant plant which I have had before and I know is reasonably hardy/self sufficient.

The reason I went to the Evandale market to purchase the plants is simply because I know I can get them a lot cheaper than if I went to a garden centre. I bought these plants for $3 each tube as they were a bit pot bound (they really needed to be planted asap as they had grown to big for their pots) but even the nursery quality pots are only $4 each which is about a 50% saving on going to a garden centre and buying the same thing.

So my little plants are all in their new homes now and hopefully will grow and thicken up over the next few months. Soon I hope that these garden beds will be overflowing with silver foliage and white bell shaped flowers. I think they're going to look awesome.

If you're planning on putting in a new garden at your place, I'd highly recommend checking your local market first to see if you can get your plants cheaper. At my local Evandale market, there are several regular stall holders who sell at wholesale price and have a good selection of plants that grow well locally. Any money saved is a good thing hey!

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