Monday, 25 June 2012

Library Bags and Books

With Ewan's first birthday soon, along with all the 7 other babies in our mothers group, I figured that is going to be an expensive month with all the presents and parties etc. So with that in mind, I decided to help my hip pocket a little bit and make part of the babies birthday gifts (for all the mothers in my Mum's group, if you don't want to see your babies gift, then don't read on!)

With some left over material out of my craft box, I've been busy making library bags and once they were done, we went off to the Target Toy Sale to fill them up!

Books and Bubbles, what else could a 1 year old need!
Home made tags are the final touch.
Some hanging on Ewan's bag hooks, ready for the coming weeks of 1 year old parties.
As I've mentioned before in some of my posts, I'm aiming to make my gifts this year, not only because of the money I save but it feels a lot more personal to make something rather than just going to a store and picking out whatever I see first. 

These bags were quick and easy to make, I didn't even need a pattern, just a few material scraps a ruler and my trusty sewing machines. I'm really happy with how they turned out and now I don't have to think about what the buy the babies because the bags and their contents are there, ready to go.

Now to get back to what else I've been occupied with this weekend, courtesy of Big W online books store. I had heard everyone talking about "Fifty Shades of Grey" book but I don't think I was quite prepared for the "story line" (but I will guiltily admit that I'm hooked"!)

"Laters baby" - those who have read FSOG will know exactly what I'm on about and for those of you who don't, the book only costs $10 approx, go buy it and enjoy the guilty pleasure as it's worth every cent! 


  1. Gorgeous bags Alex! I'm definitely planning on getting a sewing machine again - or maybe I can get back the one I had, off whichever sister adopted it!

    Agree: Fifty Shades is a totally addictive trilogy. It's still kinda weird to me to see so many people who don't read this genre, reading it (happy about the ones who enjoyed it, have to wonder about the ones who didn't and then blame the book rather than themselves for going so far out of their comfort zone just because of the hype!)

    Have you read the Hunger Games trilogy before? I really enjoyed the first one but wasn't as impressed with the other two. Interested to hear what you think.

    1. I had written in blog before deleting it, "so when did it become acceptable to read "erotic romances" again and publicly declare it!" but decided to delete it and not get into that debate! It's funny because these books have been around forever but seem to be tainted with a cover of a hairy over tanned man smothering a long haired goddess and a publisher called Mills and Boon. I was a bit naive when I purchased them as I hadn't really heard much except they are "mummy porn" so I guess I knew in a way but was still a bit surprised! Maybe surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it? Hahaha. I'm onto the last book and then I have to admit I think I'll be disappointed and keen to find another...geez, I can't believe I'm admitting that!

      I haven't read the hunger games yet, that will be next. Good to know that the second and third books are a bit disappointing but I'll still give them a chance.


    2. I had to laugh at your description of romance! I was exactly the same, and then I read Twilight after a friend recommended it (before it became stupidly big, which seemed to happen overnight), and I thought, bugger it, I love a good romance and why am I always pretending I've "above" it or some shit? So since then - 2007 - I have been happily chowing down the romance of all kinds alongside my fantasy and arty-farty fiction. :D

      James' books were originally erotic fanfiction of Twilight, so if you like the relationship drama in Fifty Shades, you could try reading that series next if you haven't already!

    3. Uh ha, I've got to admit that I've had a bit of the "I'm above it" over the old romance novel too but I did enjoy the FS series (just finished tonight). I need a break from them tho, however I will willingly participate in another series soon!

      I realised this week that I live very close to your sister, Fer. I saw her in the yard with her children when I was driving past and then it clicked, "I know that woman"! It's a nice house with lots of potential. I think I've mentioned before that I see her walking her dogs whilst pushing the pram all around the place? She must be pretty fit because she always seems to be up here in West Launceston where it's quite hilly!