Friday, 4 May 2012

Milkbar Cafe and Workshop, Launceston Tasmania

It's very exciting when a new cafe opens in Launceston. I am especially excited about the new one called Milkbar cafe and Workshop, it's very much my kind of cafe.

The guys that have opened the cafe have made a pledge to use pretty much everything organic, locally sourced and in season. The food is made fresh on site and what isn't, is made by a local. They're also eco conscious and try not to use unnecessary packaging (a big tick from me).

Isis and Damo working hard behind the counter. This place is very vintage inspired but in the best of ways. I love the mis mash of colour, texture and imagination they have installed into their shop.

Just a few of the treats I spotted whilst there and Damo was busy doing more behind the counter.

Here's a design idea I'm going to file for one day, what a cool idea using old jelly moulds as light shades!

There is a back room to this cafe which has been set up as a workshop for "crafting get togethers". There is also a brooch making machine which you can use for free (so long as you purchase the materials to make your brooch from the store). I can't wait to go back and make one. Maybe I'll make myself a brooch that says "real estate addict"! If you haven't been following my blog for long and want to know why, then go here to see what I mean.

Another look at the workshop. 

Even the take away cups are fully recyclable (yes including the lids). I had a take away coffee which I drank in the local park and enjoyed what might be one of the last sunny days Tasmania sees for a couple months. Ahem, maybe an exaggeration but you get what I mean!

If you're interested in having a look at the Milkbar cafe in more detail, you can check it out on their website or even better, if you're a Launceston local, go there and have a look for yourself. 139 St John St, Launceston. Open 8-5 Monday to Saturday.

Don't forget to look at my other favourite cafes in Launceston, Nanna's cafe and Vintage and Utsi.

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