Monday, 9 April 2012

Wine Time and Happy Days

I had good intentions to be really productive today with the exception of a short break to have a look at a market I'd not been to yet. Funny how you plan your day to be one way and it quite quickly takes a new direction.

All excited about the New Exeter Market (I'd been planning on going for days), I loaded Roge and Ewan into the car and drove 20 minutes to get there. It ended up being the worst market I've attended in a long time. The junk was overpriced, the crafts old fashioned and the market goers looked like they had crawled out from under a rock! Markets can be like that, good one week, bad the next so despite the disappointment this time around, I'll still go back next time! However no love lost, the drive home made up for it.

You see, on the way to the market we spotted a new vineyard cellar door with a sign saying "SALE, ALL CELLAR DOOR WINES UP TO 50% OFF" and we joked that if the market was no good, we knew where to go on the way back. I think we set ourselves up.

Today's loot:

Dutch cream potatoes, a leek (I'm thinking potato and leek soup?), a few wooden buttons and 3 bottles of Elmsley wine!

As excited as two little children Roge and I sampled all of the wines, each one seeming better than the last hence the result of 3 bottles of wine purchased! This is a new cellar door but the vines are mature and you can tell, the wine was lovely.

Coffee afterwards in the bright and cheery cafe followed by a wander through the on sight art gallary. I love art but can't afford it, that's a "one day dream". One day when I'm old and mature enough to own and truly appreciate really nice art!

Next time I'll come back when it is warmer (only 15 degrees today) and have a wine on the deck and enjoy that exquisite view.

Some of the art from the gallery.

This is one funny thing from the market. It's a old vinyl record made into a pot plant pot. Totally something you would find in Tassie, hilarious!

Anyway, the wine suppressed any motivation to do anything else today, but what a nice way to finish the extra long Easter weekend. I can be super productive tomorrow instead.


  1. We only found Elmslie one Saturday night when the wedding there played their music so loud we couldn't hear our TV. Great find, their menu is lovely and the deck on a sunny afternoon is magic.

    1. It is lovely isn't it. I can't wait to go back but I might ditch the baby next time and really settle in!