Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nanna's Coffee and Vintage, Launceston Tasmania

I remember my Nan's place with great fondness because of it's cluttered homely feel, big jars of home made cakes n biscuits and pretty bits n pieces. For us Tasmanian's, we don't have to literally go to our Nan's place anymore to get that same feeling because we have Nannas Coffee and Vintage, the second home of my good friend Laura and her business partner Lucy.

These two ladies have established a wonderful cafe and vintage shop that feels like you take a step back in time to the 50's. Vintage tablecloths and teacups. Doilies and fresh cut flowers. Even a token pic of their own Nanna's up on the wall. This place has charm, great coffee, awesome cakes and biscuits, perfect for morning or afternoon tea.

The coconut ice slice is my personal favourite.
The main area looks like a picture straight out of a 50's Woman's Weekly magazine. 

Today's treats are Atomica coffee, slice and choc balls. Yummo! These girls know how to cook like they've been doing it for the last 60 years (they're both in their 20's), I'm incredibly jealous of their talent. 
A cute corner to sit and wait for your take away coffee to be made. 
Additional to the coffee, there is vintage clothes and accessories to purchase.
Vintage lovlies.
Nanna's on the wall looking over the shop and Roge's shadow in the glass!
Ain't that the truth.
Ewan loves going to visit "Aunty Laura and Lucy".
Ewan and "Aunty Laura" have lots of cuddles and whilst that is going on, Roge and I get a quiet moment to read the paper in peace. Bliss. Nanna's coffee and vintage can be found at 7 Coulter Crt (off Brisbane St) Launceston. It's a must visit for those who like a great coffee and a quiet place to chill out. Full and happy we leave after our treats.

If you haven't put the dots together, my friend Laura's house has previously featured on this blog. For another look or if you missed it, go here.


  1. My best friend is a regular at Nanna's. When I visit Launy I always go there too. Its beautiful in there.

    1. Good morning,

      Such a cool concept of a shop and they make it work really well don't they.

      Where do you live?


  2. They do. I totally agree with you.
    I live in Devonport, but im staying in Launy for the rest of the week until i go to Agfest on saturday. My friend and i went to Nannas today and as usual...was awesome :)

    1. Not that Nanna's isn't the best but sounds like you might like another new cafe that has opened at 139 St John st Launceston, called Milkbar Cafe and Workshop. Vintage inspired too and great food. Nice for lunch.