Thursday, 26 April 2012

I Dream of a House by the Sea

I did a silly thing. I was doing my usual peruse of and thought I'd look at beach shack prices, out of interest of course but not to buy. Well I found one that came up in one of my favourite areas of Tasmania, Weymouth and suggested to Roge we go for a drive and have a look. This community is made up of mainly fibro type beach shacks, the Mcmansions haven't moved in yet and so it has the loveliest sleepy feeling about it. The kids can walk the streets safely, it has a dog friendly beach and it's only a 50 minute drive from Launceston.

The beach when the tide is in.
Ewan on the beach. We showed him a soldier crab and he tried to eat it!! Typical 9 month old! 
Rock pools were my favourite place when I was a kid, finding starfish and other sea creatures.
The entrance to Bay of Fires Winery
It's also a matter of minutes from one of my favourite wineries, Bay of Fires so on the way home we popped in for a little tasting and a quiet glass on the patio.

Loved them all but at a minimum of $30 a bottle, I was a good girl and only walked away with one. This time is was the Sauvignon Blanc.

One of the things that I particularly love about driving around Tasmania is the funny little side of the road shops you find (like above). I was also having a giggle at the names of places like "Dead Horse Creek" (ewww) and "Smith and Others Road"(Hilarious and makes me want to know who "the others" were!)

So back to why I did a bad thing. Well, recently we have sold a property and the profit from that allowed us to be mortgage free on our own home, woohoo. How much easier will that make life, not having to pay a mortgage. Apparently that is something I will still not know because we brought the beach shack at Weymouth....doh! I can only say that I am a true real estate addict, I wonder if they have a meeting for that?

A sneak peak for you
Keep an eye out for my future posts where I will give you a tour of the beach shack in it's original purchased form and renovations that will follow. I'm really excited!


  1. Ha ha, I've never heard of a real estate addict before (or at least not a self-confessed one) but that does seem to be an apt description! I'm a bookaholic but I often think I keep buying books because I'm nesting but can't buy a home! Probably when I'm - we're - in a position to do that I won't have the same book buying addiction, but then again...

    I'm pretty sure I've been to Weymouth - it's sounds so familiar, but I just can't think where it is!

  2. Weymouth is on the north cost of Tas between Georgetown and Bridport. If you google it you'll work it out. It's a nice calm place that still has a quaint fishing village feel about it. I'm feeling pretty excited about all the fun times ahead.

    Addiction comes in all forms Shan and although we may one day think we're reformed, in my experience it rares it's head later in life. So I'm sorry to say but once a book addict, always a book addict!